19 Февраля 2018


Prof. Petr V. Glybochko, rector of Sechenov University:

Within the framework of modern and rapidly changing world, medicine is becoming to be the core of Life Sciences which concentrate research activities in other fields (for example, in physics, mathematics, information technologies, engineering, material sciences and others). Interdisciplinary approach becomes the basis for development Medicine of the Future. The Association of scientists will create products and technologies of a fundamentally new generation, which is aimed at preserving human health. However, behind all innovative approaches stand the university staff, scientists who create ideas for advancement of civization.Today we need to improve competitiveness of the Russian Science throughout the world, to intensify efforts in innovative research, to increase publication activity, to train professionals in the fields which would be in favour in the nearest future. 

butnaru-d.v..jpgDenis V. Butnaru, Director of the Industrial Biomedical Park

Science isn't an easy thing. Science is a special craft that requires intense creative and mental activity. Modern biomedical science is a transaction of different specialties which set a common goal: to live a long and healthy life. It's necessary to consolidate the following components for successful realization of potential opportunities of Biomedicine: ultra modern equipment, highly qualified specialists, state financial support, strategic vision of the University's leadership. Now Sechenov University is able to use all of these opportunities.


Vadim V. Tarasov, Director of the Institute for Translational Medicine and Biotechnology

Modern science faces a lot of challenges. Potential solutions for the challenges could fundamentally change the quality and conditions of human life. For example, there's a problem with transformation of research results into real practice, both in healthcare and other sectors.  Now the Sechenov University creates all necessary instruments for implementation of scientific ideas and results into real technologies, medical drugs and equipment. Translational Medicine is a new field for us. It's aimed at building a close link between science and business, putting into practice the ideas of our scientists and creating more opportunities for the new research funding.

timashev.jpgPetr S. Timashev, Director of the Institute for Regenerative Medicine

Sechenov University is actively developing a modern scientific field - Regenerative Medicine. Tasks which are solved by the groups of physicists, chemists, biologists became a basis for a new interdisciplinary field. It's important to note that young specialists, postgraduates and students should take advantage of excellent opportunity to do internships in the world's top research centers.


Kopylov.jpgPhillip U. Kopylov, Director of the Insitute for Personalized Medicine

Modern medical science is being actively transformed and couldn't be limited by the traditional range of medical subjects. Concept of Personalized Medicine requires close collaboration between mathemathicians, physicists, specialists in information technologies, molecular biology, bioinformatics, biotechnology and many others. Therefore, significant scientific achievements would be introduced at the junction of Natural Sciences, which became one of the main areas of focus of Sechenov University.

Zamyatnin.jpg Andrey A. Zamyatnin, Director of the Insitute for Molecular Medicine

We live in a truly amazing time: mankind has learned how to grow and replace organs, to correct human genomic defects. It's all became real and entered our daily life.What could be better than the feeling that we may make a human life better and happier.  

Sekacheva.jpg Marina I. Sekacheva, Head of the Center for Personalized Oncology

Today Sechenov University not only remains a position of the national center of education & healthcare, but also becomes a point of attraction for ambitious research projects. Unique qualified medical staff, willingness for scientific re-equipment, own university clinics, all became a principle for further success of Sechenov University in medical science. It may be confirmed by the interest of other universities and innovation companies (ex., in Personalized Medicine). We have started active cooperation with Roche Company, IBM, BGI, National Innovation Center "Skolkovo" and others. Scientific projects need time and efforts, however we have confidence to be successful.